Are you wondering who is the person behind this cooking website? This is the perfect chance for you to know me!

Hi! I am Duy. I am a 28-year-old pharmacist who lives in Vietnam– one of the culinary centers in Asia! Living in a country that is known for its delicious cuisines, irresistible noodle soups, and a lot of healthy yet delectable dishes, I was exposed to cooking and making food at a very young age.

Because of that, I have a wide array of family recipes in my arsenal. But more than that, my mother and grandmother are also avid fans of international cuisines and that is the very reason why I am also well versed when it comes to whipping up other foreign dishes like quiche, different kinds of pasta, jambalaya, mashed potatoes, sausages, and the likes. 

Food is a big part of my life. In fact, it may just be my love language. I show my love for my husband and daughter through the dishes I cook for them. I want to make sure that they enjoy healthy and delicious meals at all time and because of this, I make it a point to perfect each and every meal that I prepare for them.

Being the foodie that I am, I enjoy cooking for other people but it has come to the point that I also felt the need to share my recipes and cooking tips to others so they can whip up amazing dinners that they can enjoy with their families. 

This is the very reason why I created this blog/ website. In this website, I will share with you some of the techniques, hacks, and tips that can help you improve your cooking skills. In here, you can also find food pairing suggestions that will enable you to plan the perfect dinner menu every single time! 

I hope you enjoy what I have prepared for you. Welcome to my website and I am beyond excited to have you here!