Discover Healthy Olive Oil Substitutes for Cooking

Discover Healthy Olive Oil Substitutes for Cooking

Olive oil substitutes for cooking: Olive oil has recently garnered its popularity because of its nutritional content. Many people claim that it is one of the healthiest cooking oils that we can use these days.

But aside from the nutritional value that olive oil has to offer, another characteristic that people like in olive oil is its low smoke point. This feature makes olive oil the go-to choice for mid-high heat cooking like simmering and sautéing.

But what if you do not have a bottle of olive oil in your kitchen? For sure, you would not want to settle with regular cooking oil after experiencing the good things that olive oil has to offer. Well, you don’t have to.

I am pretty sure there is an excellent replacement for olive oil in your kitchen. You need to familiarize yourself with the possible options that you have.

The Best Replacement for Olive Oil is in This List!

Discover Healthy Olive Oil Substitutes for Cooking

To help you out, I have compiled a list of the possible olive oil replacement options that you can use. These are as follows:

Canola Oil

Olive oil substitutes for cooking Same with olive oil, canola oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils that you can sue today. It contains the right amount of monosaturated fatty acids (considered to be good fats) which can reduce blood cholesterol and sugar levels.

Same with olive oil, canola oil is light enough to be used as a salad dressing. But one thing you should know is that canola oil is also one of the most versatile cooking oils in the market and can even come handy for stir-fries.

How to substitute:

Use an amount of canola oil similar to the amount of olive oil that the recipe calls for.

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Coconut Oil

Olive oil substitutes for cooking Same with olive oil, coconut oil also contains a high amount of HDL (also known as good cholesterol) and offers plenty of health benefits that you would certainly love to enjoy. More than that, this oil is collected from the well-known tree of life. Because of this, it offers a slew of other functions such as weight loss, skin and hair care.

This oil is the best replacement for olive oil in sauteing dishes. It can also be used in replacing butter for your toast or as a substitute for creamer for your coffee.

How to substitute:

Substitute olive oil with an equal amount of coconut oil.

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Peanut Oil

Just like the other oils in this list, this oil is high in healthy fats and contains low amounts of unhealthy (trans) fats. It also has a high smoke point which makes it the perfect substitute for olive oil.

If you are allergic to peanuts and worried about the oil causing unwanted side effects, you will be happy to know that peanut oil used in the food industry is certified to be 100% allergen-free. This is because this oil has undergone a deodorizing, bleaching, and refining processes which render it completely free of the allergenic proteins that it once contains.

Peanut oil is a great replacement for olive oil for deep frying purposes because it can withstand high temperatures.   

How to substitute:

You can replace olive oil with a similar amount of peanut oil.

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Avocado Oil

The avocado fruit is widely known for its high healthy fat content. Well, it also contains high levels of oleic acid and omega-9 fatty acids. It also has high smoke points.

Aside from cooking purposes, avocado oils also offer other benefits including hydrating and moisturizing skin, calming itchy and dry skin, and protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.

Because of its high smoke point, avocado oil is a suitable option for roasting and grilling dishes.

How to substitute:

You can substitute one part of olive oil with one part of avocado oil.

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We know butter to be unhealthy, but you will be surprised to know that it has a few health benefits. While this does not contain healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (like the rest of cooking oil in the list), this food item has high levels of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, K2, and E. And since this one comes in solid form, it will also take time before it boils and get burnt, just like olive oil.

Butter can be beaten, melted, chopped and creamed. Because of this, it is a great alternative option for baking purposes, especially for creating cookie dough.

How to substitute:

For cooking purposes, replace one part of olive oil with one part of melted butter.

For baking purposes, substitute three parts of olive oil with four parts of butter.

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Mashed Banana

Bananas as a substitute for olive oil— this sounds weird, right? Well, we know bananas to be effective in treating cramps. This is because it has a good amount of fiber and potassium which can also lower blood sugar levels and promote good heart health.

What makes mashed banana a suitable replacement for olive oil is the smooth texture that it has (especially when mashed). This texture would come handy especially for baking uses. Its fruity and unique flavor is also great bonuses for pastry making projects:

How to substitute:

Use one part of mashed banana for two parts of olive oil.

Discover Healthy Olive Oil Substitutes for Cooking

In Summary

Olive oil is known as a great salad oil. But more than that, this healthy cooking oil can also be used in frying, simmering and sautéing dishes. Indeed, it is one of the most versatile cooking oils today.

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