"We're now a four-Lunchsense family"
- Peter
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Healthy for you

If you care how your lunch travels, then Lunchsense is for you:

You'll find the complete set - food containers and lunch box - are free of BPA, lead, PVC, phthalates, and vinyl.

    Lunchsense also makes portion control a snap, and the ice pack ensures everything is as fresh as when you packed it!

    Healthy for your wallet

    Save a bundle - with Lunchsense, you can buy all your lunchtime favorites in bulk.  Pack just enough in the durable, reusable, microwave- and dishwasher-safe containers, and never toss a half-finished lunch again!

    When the crumbs build up, just unsnap your cleverly designed Lunchsense lunchbox and toss it in the washing machine. It comes out looking like new and ready to go every single time.

    Healthy for the environment

    Enough already with the wasteful baggies and wasted leftovers!

    Lunchsense is all about waste reduction, not only in how we build our box - it's built to last - but in the containers we put in it. Thanks to those containers, you can practically eliminate excess food packaging, saving your little corner of the earth!

    Feed everyone in style

    Something for every appetite!

    Kids love the eight great colors, the awesome 'toolkit' effect when they open it up, and how they've got a built-in placemat or sitting mat.

    Adults love how they have a choice of sizes, and can carry a lunchbox that looks as professional as they are. With or without the available containers, ice pack and drink bottle, having a great lunch every day is easy!

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    Welcome to Lunchsense! We're happy to have you, and if you have questions please feel free to ask!

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